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As is our annual tradition for both National American Indian Heritage Month and Thanksgiving, we present you with a bonus episode this month, our 2017 coverage of Pocahontas. She did save lives, but her story is far from the fairy tale often presented. For this episode's shownotes, visit us at The History Chicks Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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Maria Anna Mozart and Clara Schumann were talented and musically gifted women. They were both child prodigies and both dazzled audiences across Europe. While they were (and still are) often put in the shadow of a talented male relative, one woman quietly stepped out of the spotlight while the...
Published 02/14/24
Alice Roosevelt Longworth was once the most famous woman in the world. She graduated from youthful frivolity into the deadly serious role of behind-the-scenes political engine and policy influencer; always the center of the action and (sometimes grudging) admiration wherever she went. Join us in...
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