Open Conversations and Empowered Choices for Medical Cannabis Use
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Hello, and welcome to episode 37 of  The JOY Factor Podcast! My guest today is Safriana Degroat and we're chatting about considerations around safely using medical cannabis, According to the National Conference of State Legislators,  “As of Feb. 3, 2022, 37 states, three territories and the District of Columbia allow the medical use of cannabis products.”  Despite the rapidly increasing availability of medical marijuana there are too few settings where patients can have open conversations with their healthcare providers  about their needs, concerns and experiences using cannabis. Too often people feel shame or judgement about their medical cannabis use and oftentimes doctors and therapists are ill-equiped or uninformed of how best to provide trauma informed care. Our conversation today will give you safety guidelines to consider and a way to explore best practices for use.  Bio Through her own personal healing journey, Safrianna embraced her passion for creating a world where all people can be “freely themselves”. She has a Masters in Community Mental Health and is a licensed professional therapist. In 2020, she founded her company, Luna Counseling & Creative Services, LLC, promoting wellness through therapy, education, and professional coaching. She recently launched Living LUNA with her wife, Ikenna. Living LUNA is a podcast and digital community that affirms the worth of all people, acknowledging the right for everyone to live life unashamed, full of love and authenticity.  What does the phrase joy factor mean to you? Safi’s joy factor = “making empowered choices again and again.” What you do now influences your future enjoyment.  A question she lives by: Am I enjoying myself right now? Remember, we have the power to take actions that do or don’t align with the ones that do. What We’ll Learn Safriana Degroat is not a medical doctor. Before trying any cannabis consult your doctor and DO NOT consume cannabis that has not been prescribed to you. Avoid purchasing cannabis off the street and keep all medical marijuana in a locked container out of reach of children or pets. Medical Cannabis- how safe or dangerous is it? Without proper medical guidance cannabis has a high potential to be abused or become addictive. Safi shared her framework for safely exploring correct strains and doses once you have been approved for a medical marijuana card. Remember the acronym RIDER Research- Do this for anything you ingest. What impact might it have on us if we have other medical issues or conditions? Ask your doctor. Research the strains ahead of time. Ask: What’s the turpine breakdown? Intention- Understanding why you are trying to use cannabis in the first place. Get honest, be specific. What symptoms are you needing help treating? What other healing modalities are part of your plan? Remember, cannabis is not a stand alone treatment. Documentation- Document your cannabis use if you want to fine tune what works best for your needs. Is it for pain, focus, writing? Safi uses different strains for specific reasons. Document how you were impacted when you use a specific strain.  Experimentation- Find what works for us personally, and keep your dosing as small as possible.  Repetition- Repeat the results, journal, look at dominant terpenes.  Tips from Safi: Be informed. Know the dosages and chemical compositions and don’t overdo it.  Take as little as you can get away with and consult with your healthcare provider for ongoing guidance and support.  Find other people you can trust to discuss, compare and learn for mutual benefit.   For younger brains it’s not as good of a fit. If you are 24 or younger, this should not be a main part of your care plan. How has medical marijuana affected her? “It’s made me a more joyful person.” Cannabis and spiritual work have helped her healing from PTSD progress because she has found it easier to relax and integrate what she was learn
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