64: Defeating Average with Ultramarathoner Colin Nanka
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This week Joy is joined by ultramarathoner Colin Nanka who by defeating the average, shows that anyone can accomplish their dreams of participating in 10 races. Colin teaches us how it is so much more than just being physically fit. In this episode, Colin shows us how embracing difficulties and pain can lead to the greatest achievements in our lives.  Episode Highlights:   Feeling average and finding tribes and mentors   What is an Ultra-Marathon?   Learning from mistakes to improve   Leaning into discomfort, pain and suffering    The benefits of breathing and practicing breathing exercises    Breathing exercises & meditation apps with children   The limitless health benefits of simply walking   Leveraging past hardships to confront current difficulties with confidence   Prioritizing your own health & well-being over work   Shutting down at night to increase focus and energy   Resources: DEFEATING AVERAGE Documentary Colin Nanka’s Website Colin’s Instagram Check out Jeff Warren’s episode on the Joyous Health Podcast    More about Joyous Health:   Check out our award-winning blog Joyous Health   Check out Joy’s bestselling cookbooks   Sign up for the Joyous Health newsletter   Follow Joyous Health on Instagram   Find Joyous Health on Facebook   Learn more about The Joyous Health Business Program   Check out our full line of Natural & Organic Haircare and Body Care.   Join Joy’s Hair Care Challenge at Natural Hair Care Challenge   Explore Joyous Health Kids at Joyous Health Kids
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