65: Raising Resilient, Joyful Children Through Peaceful Parenting with Dr. Laura Markham
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This week, Joy is joined by Dr. Laura Markham, a Clinical Psychologist at Columbia University and Founder of Aha! Parenting. She is also the author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids; Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings; and Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids Workbook: Using Mindfulness and Connection to Raise Resilient, Joyful Children and Rediscover your Love of Parenting. Her approach to parenting is inspiring and supportive; she will make you believe in yourself and your ability to raise joyful, resilient children. Today’s episode focuses on Dr. Laura’s 3 big ideas that parents and caregivers can use so that they can embody peaceful parenting:  Regulating your own emotions. Connecting with your child.  Coaching your child.  This episode is filled with practical tips for managing parenting situations to create safety and connection between you and your child. You’ll learn the importance of building that connection with your child so they feel understood and can take responsibility for their actions. Kids want to be their best selves and by learning how to connect and coach them, you can help them get there.  Dr. Laura also shares the best piece of advice she didn’t learn in school about how to be an emotionally generous and supportive parent. Whether you’re pregnant, have a toddler, or are raising a teen, her advice will help you become the best parent you can be. You’re going to love this episode and walk away feeling inspired and confident in your ability to connect with your child as a peaceful parent.    Episode Highlights: What IS peaceful parenting? How your childhood can impact the way that you parent  The importance of dealing with your emotional baggage  How the hippocampus and dreamwork help process intense experiences 3 simple ideas to become a peaceful parent: Regulate your own emotions Connect with your child  Coach your child Parenting as a relationship, not a set of strategies  Creating an environment to help your child thrive Modeling behaviour: stay calm to calm your child How caregivers can nurture a resilient nervous system in children Staying out of fight mode  How to return your nervous system to a state of calmness The importance of breath for managing the stress response   How to invite communication with your child  How parent and child relationships set the foundation for future relationships Setting limits while helping your child feel understood  How connection and limits help kids develop self-discipline Clear examples of how to put Dr. Laura’s advice into practice.  Developing a peaceful nighttime routine  The importance of keeping agreements- both parents and kids! How to be an emotionally generous parent by filling your own cup  The role of meditation to cultivate curiousity and compassion about your relationship   Resources: Dr. Laura’s Website: Sign up for her amazing newsletter!  Dr. Laura’s Peaceful Parenting Course Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Book Dr. Laura’s Instagram Dr. Laura’s Facebook Dr. Laura’s Twitter  Dr. Laura’s Pinterest    More about Joyous Health:   Check out our award-winning blog Joyous Health   Check out Joy’s bestselling cookbooks   Sign up for the Joyous Health newsletter   Follow Joyous Health on Instagram   Find Joyous Health on Facebook   Learn more about The Joyous Health Business Program   Check out our full line of Natural & Organic Haircare and Body Care.   Join Joy’s Hair Care Challenge at Natural Hair Care Challenge   Explore Joyous Health Kids at Joyous Health Kids
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