66: Managing Rosacea Naturally and Building Your Healthiest Skin with Joy McCarthy
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This week, Joy shares her own skin journey with rosacea and how it impacted her confidence. She dives deep into the research she did to find the best approach to manage her symptoms to give you a solid foundation to care for your skin. She knows rosacea is a multifactorial condition, so she shares her best tips to support your skin, inside and out.  In this episode she talks about:  Foods you should avoid to prevent flare ups  The best foods to eat to calm inflammation What supplements can be beneficial for skin health Her natural skincare routine The best natural makeup As a nutritionist, Joy shares that the health of your digestive system is directly reflected in the health of your skin. In this episode, she focuses on the importance of gut health and its role in not only rosacea, but also eczema, acne, and other skin disorders.  And don’t forget the inside scoop on the best beauty products to care for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin! Joy shares her complete skin care routine so you can support your skin from the outside, too.    If you struggle with rosacea or red, inflamed skin you are going to love this episode! It’s packed with actionable tips that you can start incorporating into your life right away to support your softest, smoothest skin ever!    Episode Highlights: Joy’s journey with moderate to severe rosacea Common risk factors for and causes of rosacea Why depression and anxiety are so common in folks with rosacea What her dermatologist recommended and why she chose a different path  How weather can irritate the skin  What foods should you avoid if you have rosacea?  How vegetable oils are made and where they are found in the diet  What are high histamine foods? Why fermented foods may not be the best choice for folks with rosacea The difference between A1 and A2 casein and why it matters What role does a healthy gut play in achieving vibrant, healthy skin? Why going gluten free isn’t just a trend The importance of learning your unique triggers- everyone is different! How a food journal can help you discover your triggers. What foods should you eat if you have rosacea?  The power of anti-inflammatory foods Why cooking cruciferous vegetables may be necessary for optimal digestion The best supplements for skin health What probiotics are best for healthy skin? Can supplements help lower histamine levels? The magic of omega-3s and borage oil for skin health Should you do the Dutch Test to check your hormone levels? How Joy cares for her skin, naturally.  The best all-natural makeups for people with rosacea.   Resources: Rosacea: How I Care For My Skin Naturally Rosacea: Best Foods To Eat Rosacea: Steer Clear of These Foods For Calm Skin Rosacea: Natural Health Supplements Rosacea: Best Natural Makeup Probiotics for Healthy Skin 5 Ingredients To Brighten, Balance, & Nourish Your Skin 6 Factors That Sabotage Healthy Skin + Solutions Our Organic Skincare Line Is Here! Shop Our Joyous Skincare Line! Shop Our Radiance Tea! Shop Our Detox Tea! $100 Coupon for the Dutch Test!   More about Joyous Health:   Check out our award-winning blog Joyous Health   Check out Joy’s bestselling cookbooks   Sign up for the Joyous Health newsletter   Follow Joyous Health on Instagram   Find Joyous Health on Facebook   Learn more about The Joyous Health Business Program   Check out our full line of Natural & Organic Haircare and Body Care.   Join Joy’s Hair Care Challenge at Natural Hair Care Challenge   Explore Joyous Health Kids at Joyous Health Kids
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