Step Into Your Dream Life with Rachel Molenda, Mindset Coach
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This week, Joy and Walker chat with Rachel Molenda, a Mindset and Life Coach who specializes in supporting women in transforming the limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck so they can step into the life they desire. She used this work to radically transform her own life and is passionate about supporting women on their growth journey. Her process can help shift beliefs around money, readiness, your body, and beyond so you can step into the juicy life you deserve. She is also the host of the award-winning Fill Your Cup Podcast where people can get advice on how to live their most authentic lives.  In this episode Rachel discusses the importance of uncovering and addressing our subconscious beliefs and rewriting the “script” playing in the background so that you can find what’s holding you back from stepping into your dream life. She explains that we live 95% of our lives from our subconscious mind and through cultivating awareness and action, we can change the beliefs that guide our thoughts, feelings, and actions for the better.  If you feel stuck in your current situation and are looking for guidance on how to take the next scary step forward, you won’t want to miss this episode. Grab your favourite cup of tea, settle in with your notebook, and prepare to be inspired!    Episode Highlights: Rachel’s shift from an intuitive eating focus to supporting her clients through mindset coaching. How mindset work has influenced her own life.  How she helps herself and others get over their own self-doubt.  Why readiness is a lie and you should learn to work with the fear you feel.  How to connect to your passion and let that drive your action.  How trusting and surrendering to your intuition is an antidote to perfectionism.  Why being an entrepreneur forces you to look at your “stuff” to move forward.  How Rachel stepped into her bravery to create the life she was meant for.  Tips to decipher between feelings and gut instincts to help you make decisions.  Why connecting with your higher self can help you connect with your intuition Why many of the limiting beliefs you may have aren’t universally true.  The connection between childhood experiences and limiting beliefs as adults. The difference between little “t” trauma and big “T” Trauma.  Why it’s important to do the work and explore where your beliefs come from to move forward.  How childhood experiences help form our subconscious mind.  The importance of challenging the beliefs that come up in our minds to see if they’re serving us or not.  The tools Rachel uses to help her clients navigate those thoughts. Figuring out who you would be without certain thoughts driving your behaviour.  How creating your environment can make it easier to consciously choose new thoughts.  Why limiting beliefs don’t always have to come from a negative experience.  How we live most of our lives from our subconscious mind.  How using our conscious mind 5% of the time connects us to our desires.  How to rewrite the subconscious mind to achieve our goals.  The interconnection between limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, and low confidence.  How your thoughts and feelings can create results- positive or negative! What scriptwriting is and how it can change your self-perception and your life.  The importance of being intentional about your thoughts and actions.  How resistance can invite you to dig deeper into your feelings.  Why stripping away our limiting beliefs brings our true self into the world.  How to challenge anxious thoughts by asking: What else could be true right now?   Resources: Rachel Molenda on IG Self-Identity Script Writing Workshop Rachel Molenda on Emotional Eating Work With Rachel Fill Your Cup Podcast on IG Fill Your Cup Podcast Intuitive Eating Podcast Episode Guide   More about Joyous Health:   Check out our award-winning blog Joyous Health   Check out Joy’s bestselling cookbooks   Sign up for
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