Coach Hugo - Mentally Preparing to Race
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In this Episode of Conversations About Running we are rejoined by Head Coach of Kenya Experience camps, Hugo van den Broek. After a quick catch up and a chat about an American football player attempting the US Olympic trials 100m qualification time, we turn our attention to what is quickly becoming a very relevant topic in the domestic running world - how to mentally readjust to racing. Many runners have gone months or even years without the chance to race or put their training into practice, and now, with races starting to pop up again here in the UK, how can we make sure we are mentally best prepared for the transition from a long period of training, to suddenly having to run hard on race day. Are there things runners can do to help push through the pain of racing? Or to stay calm on the start line? How can we make sure our hard training doesn't go to waste with a bad performance when it matters most. We hope you enjoy listening to our Conversations About Running 🏃
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