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In this and the next episode, I will go over the evidence that notorious child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was a foreign intelligence agent. The next episode will be available only on the Martyr Made Substack. The follow-up episode will be a little too spicy for public release, so it will be available in about a week, for paid subscribers only. For access, subscribe to the Martyr Made Substack for just $5 p/month or $50 p/year.
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Hey everyone. After the recent Thoughts On Ukraine episode, I thought it would be a good idea to bring someone on the show who has a different perspective. Kristaps Andrejsons is a Latvian journalist, writer, and the host of The Eastern Border podcast - one of my go-to podcasts for Russian,...
Published 03/18/22
Published 03/18/22
Hey everybody. Many of you have asked for my thoughts on the crisis in Ukraine, so here they are. I re-recorded it because the audio was trash the first time around. Sorry about that. This is the kind of content I usually put on the Substack subscribers-only feed, so if you like this and can...
Published 03/14/22