281: How Curiosity Can Help Managers Build Better Teams with Scott Shigeoka
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In the fast-paced world of work, sometimes we forget to pause and take the time to be curious. But curiosity is an essential part of building relationships and solving problems. So, how can we tap into our natural curiosity?  Today’s guest is Scott Shigeoka. Scott is an internationally recognized curiosity expert, speaker, and author. He is known for translating research into strategies that promote positive well-being and connected relationships around the globe, including at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and through his popular courses at the University of Texas at Austin. Scott implements his curiosity practices in the public sector, Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood, media organizations, education institutions, and small businesses. Today, Scott and I talk about all things curiosity–why curiosity is important, how to be curious through his DIVE model, the different types of curiosity, how to encourage your team to be more curious, and so much more. Join the conversation now! Get FREE mini-sketchnotes with the big idea from the week’s episode delivered to your inbox when you subscribe to my weekly email. Conversation Topics (00:00) Intro (02:04) What is shallow vs. deep curiosity? (05:50) What keeps us from being curious? (10:04) The three directions of deep curiosity (11:21) What does it look like to be curious at work? (14:17) The concept of quicksand and what it does (18:58) What are the components of the DIVE model? (21:08) How to bring curiosity into the workplace  (27:21) Tips to encourage your colleagues to be more curious themselves (33:20) A great manager Scott has worked for (35:48) Keep up with Scott (37:28) [Extended Episode Only] How to navigate when someone asks you a question that pushes up against your boundaries (42:40) [Extended Episode Only] Quick phrases on how to introduce a boundary to someone (45:12) [Extended Episode Only] Tips in dealing with predatory curiosity or difficult questions Additional Resources: - Get the extended episode by Joining The Modern Manager Podcast+ Community for just $15 per month - Read the full transcript here - Read the related blog article here - Follow me on Instagram here  - Visit my website for more here Connect with Scott: - Follow Scott on Instagram here - Grab a copy of his book here FREE Divergent-Convergent Inquiry Cheat Sheet Get Mamie’s cheat sheet on divergent-convergent inquiry. Questions are a key component of exploring curiosity. This PDF will help you ask better questions based on your goals and situation. It also includes suggested resources to further your understanding of curiosity and question-asking. Get all of these guest bonuses and many other member benefits when you join The Modern Manager Podcast+ Community. --------------------- The Modern Manager is a leadership podcast for rockstar managers who want to create a working environment where people thrive, and great work gets done. Follow The Modern Manager on your favorite podcast platform so you won’t miss an episode!
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