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We are all capable of accomplishing great things in life but we often don’t follow through. Sometimes, we psyche ourselves out. Sometimes, our motivations start to fade. Sometimes, we just can’t get started. 9 times out of 10, we don’t change not because we don’t have the ability to change....
Published 01/18/22
Today, I'm thrilled to have John Jantsch on the show. I have followed John's blog, Duct Tape Marketing, for over a decade. And his writing inspired me to learn marketing skills to complement my technical skills. John is known as one of the world's most practical small business marketing...
Published 01/12/22
Today I’m doing a solo episode to wrap up 2021! I talk about what went well in 2021 and what didn’t work well. I’m also discuss my family life, what’s been on my mind and what’s in store for 2022 for both Bumblebee Linens and My Wife Quit Her Job. Enjoy the episode!
Published 01/03/22