[Season Finale] How To Win In Nollywood with Sele Got
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In this episode, Sele talks about how to win in Nollywood. Continue the conversation here: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @selegotfilm @thenaijafilmpod --- DONATE PAYSTACK: https://paystack.com/pay/thenaijafilmpod/ STRIPE: https://tinyurl.com/NaijaFilmPodSupport
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Sele Got is a film director and producer. He delves into how to become the main character in your film career. He explains the importance of being a strong character like in the movies by taking active steps toward your goals. Sele identifies key takeaways, such as setting targets and...
Published 06/01/23
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Raymond Yusuff is a talented filmmaker and member of the filmmaking collective "The Critics Company". He possesses skills in various stages of film production and has worked with limited resources to create compelling films alongside his independent filmmaking team. We talk about his experiences...
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