39: Mental Health and Wellness in Education with Daniel Patterson
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We're back! And we have a new look and a new name - welcome to Get Your Teach On! This is still the same podcast, don't worry guys, we will still be giving you teaching strategies and ideas and all the real talk and stories about what it means to be an educator in this season. For our first episode back we wanted bring one of our very good friends on the show this week, who has been such a huge inspiration in our lives when it comes to wellness and mental health. Welcome Daniel Patterson to Get Your Teach On! Daniel's book RECOVER[edu] : A Communication Guide for Addressing Mental Health in Schools is available now! -- Did you know you can book a mini Get Your Teach On conference for YOUR school? When you book a Mini GYTO, we'll customize an experience for you to help meet the needs of your school or district. It includes multiple presenters, all of the materials needed for the sessions, fun GYTO decor, and attendee swag! Head to https://www.getyourteachon.com/mini to find out more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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