01: You Don't Know Me
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On this episode, Darwin and co-host Emory Wanger of the By Land Podcast explore the strange relationship that can form between media creators and their audience, and the effect it can have on the creators themselves. People who make videos, music,...
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Published 05/10/21
In this episode, Darwin and co-host Einstein discuss a challenge many who pursue an adventurous lifestyle deal with, but rarely talk about: failure. We all have expectations going into a thru-hike, bike-tour, or any adventure. When we aren't able to...
Published 04/26/21
In this episode, Darwin is joined again by co-host Emory Wanger to discuss the relationship between the outdoor industry and social media influencers. As the outdoor community becomes more and more saturated with influencers trading content for free...
Published 04/19/21