Mythbusting misconceptions about the putting stroke
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There are many misconceptions about the putting stroke. LKD and Drew Powell discuss the perils of a stabby stroke and what to do instead.
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It's the U.S. Open. Many greens will be missed. But on a typical U.S. Open venue, players would reach for a lofted wedge and play aerially toward the hole. This week, viewers will see pros grab their putter from off the green. Here's why and how they'll do it.
Published 06/13/24
Published 06/13/24
LKD and Drew Powell preview the 2024 Men's U.S. Open at Pinehurst with a focus on No. 2's defining feature: its greens. There may be lots of green-length grass, but not all that space ends up playing as "the green," especially during a major.
Published 06/11/24