S3 E7 - Brent Rushall (USRPT)
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In E7 we sat down with Brent Rushall who has been an exponent of Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT) for many years. In this episode Brent outlines why he thinks USRPT is the best training model around. We felt it was important to share this episode with our listeners to allow them to weigh up the pros and cons of any training model they are thinking of employing when they are planning their training. You can find the information Brent references at the below links -  For the USRPT 7-disc DVD set  http://brentrushall.com/DVD%20Sale/DVD%20Sale.htm The Swimming Science Journal is at https://coachsci.sdsu.edu/swim/index.htm More specifically, the table of USRPT articles is at https://coachsci.sdsu.edu/swim/usrpt/table.htm
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In E7 we had the chance to sit down with Adam Baker and Stuart McNarry and discuss how they work in tandem with each other at the Swim Wales HPC in Swansea. We also hear about their preparations with swimmers in the run up to the Tokyo Olympic Games. 
Published 07/28/21
Published 07/28/21
In E6 we had the opportunity to sit down with Robin Armayan and hear from him on a range of topics around developing age group swimmers, his own journey as a coach as well as being intelligent racers. A really great discussion worth listening to for any coach. 
Published 07/21/21