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Well, we’re a little more than a month into the season, so Molly Knight (check out her awesome Substack) and I go all around the league to talk about: * The goofy things happening in St. Louis * The Dodgers’ paternity leave parade * The pure awesomeness of Ronald Acuña * The struggles of Juan Soto (though he went 4-for-4 on Tuesday!) * The hope that that the Pirates can somehow keep defying gravity * The more realistic hope that the Orioles can keep defying gravity And much more! Check it out. Get full access to JoeBlogs at
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Hi everybody! So, and I had a little spring training talk! I don’t even remember all the stuff we talked about, I know we talked some Dodgers, some Orioles, some free agents … but, whatever, it’s always a blast to chat baseball with Molly. We’ll try to do a couple of more of these during spring...
Published 03/01/24
Published 03/01/24
Molly Knight and I are back — talking rule changes, talking Andrew Painter, talking Manny Machado, just talking ball. As always, I cannot more strongly recommend signing up for Molly’s Substack The Long Game, where she talks about baseball, creativity and mental health … and plenty of other...
Published 03/03/23