329 – Hello Pony, My Old Friend
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Not all wounds can be healed, and not all episode descriptions can be clever. Join The Man of the West and The Sage of the South as we accompany Gandalf and the hobbits on their journey home from Rivendell in the first of our two episodes on Homeward Bound. Frodo provides an accounting of his wounds, Nob’s grammar skills nearly cause a tragedy, and Barliman puts on a brave (albeit talkative) face. We wonder if Erestor gets migraines, discover James is descended from Bill Ferny, and decide to write Barliman and Ioreth fanfic. Also, never ask a valet to park your Bugatti.
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It’s time for yet another party of special magnificence as The Prancing Pony Podcast releases its third highlight episode: it’s almost time for our vinyl box set and reunion tour. Join The Man of the West and The Lord of the Mark as they play listener-selected moments from the last eleventy-one...
Published 06/09/24
Published 06/09/24
No admittance between sundown and sunrise; except for Shawn, he can come and go as he pleases. Join The Man of the West as he welcomes back The Lord of the Mark as Frodo and friends return to a much-changed Shire in the first of five episodes on The Scouring of the Shire. Merry calls out a fellow...
Published 06/02/24