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In this episode I show people that the important issues are always ignored and covered up. We're heading into a full on electronic prison and everyone in media is supporting that move. If you like The Quash you can get more of it. Go to patreon.com/theQuash and sign up. You get twice as much each month and you get access to my 100's of timeless episodes explaining exactly how the system ACTUALLY works. You can't buy this kind of education anywhere else at any price. The Quash comes out on Sundays. AH episodes have more harsh material. You can follow me on Twitter I'm Legalman@UScrimeReview. You can read my blog at thetruthaboutthelaw.com
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In this AH episode I finish up the fantastic Spooner essay A Letter to Grover Cleveland where he goes on a rant himself about the insanity of the govt. If you like The Quash and want to get the education of a lifetime about the system then go to patreon.com/theQuash and become a member. You get...
Published 02/18/24
Published 02/11/24
In this episode I discuss how they are gaslighting the population as a way to demoralize the people and to make them crazy, which makes them easier to control. If you like The Quash you can get a lot more of it each month and get access to my library of 100's of other shows. Just go to...
Published 02/11/24