Expert Tips to Become Financially Smarter in the New Year
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“The best way to spread Christmas cheer . . .” is quoting our favorite Christmas movies and taking money lessons from them. (Everyone does this, right? Is it just me?) Plus, we’ll talk budgeting tips and ideas that will get you fired up to make 2024 your best year yet. Start working these expert tips today and you’ll benefit from them all year long.   What you get in this episode: ·     Money Lessons From My Favorite Christmas Movies ·     5 Budget Reset Habits to Help You Win in 2024 ·     How to Become Financially Smarter Than 40% of People   Helpful Resources:  ·     Start budgeting for free with EveryDollar. ·     Get Tapple at Walmart or wherever you buy board games. ·     Learn more about Christian Healthcare Ministries. Sponsors pay the producer of this show, The Lampo Group, LLC, advertising fees for mentioning their services or products during programming. Advertising fees are not based upon or otherwise tied to any product sale or business transacted between any consumer or sponsor. The following sponsors have paid for the programming you are viewing: Christian Healthcare Ministries and Op Games.   Learn more about your ad choices: Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy:
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