The Prequel (The Beginning Of The End) (S8E23)
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Attempt #1… Not a full episode but a recommended watch/listen as Duthie and the boys *attempt* to put a bow on yet another exceptional season.  Jimmy plays the blame game, Puffy's on the defensive, Bob Weeks is victorious, Bump is locked away… and its all for not as the technology screws us.  For now enjoy this first 15 minutes… full length season finale of the pod recorded in studio coming very soon… #JustTheBlade #TechnicalDifficulties #PuffyUnderTheBus #Delay
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Published 07/21/22
The boys recap their previous attempt at a finale, discuss greatest sports rivalries, and celebrate how far concussion protocol has come.  James continues to push his new shaving technique, shares the secret to a good time cycling, and pulls back the curtain on Free Agency Frenzy.  Puff is...
Published 07/21/22
James discusses the worst parental sports to take part in, recaps his epic golf 13 hour golf day, thinks back to the summer of the jellyfish, and heroically recovers from a mid pod cramp. Puffy is red-faced as he reveals the origins of his name, and Lester recalls witnessing James' lust for golf...
Published 06/23/22