Ep. 101 - Navy Seal, Andrew Arrabito
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Andrew Arrabito is larger than life in most every way.  From humble beginnings of extreme hardship and loss, Andrew has been able to use adversity to calibrate himself towards success.   Not many people would view Navy Seal BUDS training as “fun”, but Andrew’s positive perspective has allowed him to excel and nearly everything he sets his mind to.     Andrews drive and determination, loyalty and friendship and unique leadership style have resulted in the premier knife company, Half Face Blades, a wine company, apparel company, ammunition company and staring in major Hollywood blockbusters like “Logan” and “Transformers”.   Silvercore and Half Face Blades have teamed up to create a limited special edition, high quality, collectible knife which you can own.    Half Face Blades - https://www.halffaceblades.com/ WarPaw Wines - https://www.warpaw.com/  Canoe Club USA - https://canoeclubusa.com/ WEKBD - https://wekbd.com/   Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/halffaceblades/   ____ Silvercore Club - https://bit.ly/2RiREb4     Online Training - https://bit.ly/3nJKx7U    Other Training & Services - https://bit.ly/3vw6kSU    Merchandise - https://bit.ly/3ecyvk9    Blog Page - https://bit.ly/3nEHs8W     Host Instagram - @Bader.Trav - https://www.instagram.com/bader.trav   Silvercore Instagram - @Silvercoreinc - https://www.instagram.com/silvercoreinc   ____  
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