Ep.51: Wild Harvest and From the Wild
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Kevin Kossowan and Paul Rogalski talk about their hit TV series "Wild Harvest" where together with Survivorman Les Stroud they explore the culinary potential of wild ingredients in locations across Canada and the United States.   Kevin is a filmmaker and avid outdoorsman who's series "From the Wild" was twice nominated for the prestigious James Beard award.  Paul is a renowned gastronomic leader at one of Canadas top ranked restaurants "Rouge" in Calgary.      Learn More about Silvercore Silvercore Club - https://bit.ly/2RiREb4  Online Training -  https://bit.ly/3nJKx7U  Other Training & Services - https://bit.ly/3vw6kSU  Merchandise - https://bit.ly/3ecyvk9  CORE Training Management Resources (TMR) - https://bit.ly/3ecywod  Blog Page - https://bit.ly/3nEHs8W  Follow us: Podcast YouTube  Newsletter  Instagram  Facebook  Host Instagram - @ Bader.Trav 
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