Creating a Plan In Case Something Happens to You
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None of us like to think about anything bad happening to us BUT we all know that at some point it will. Too often we aren't ready for that. We don't have things in place to help our loved ones manage all the details of our lives after we pass away OR if we are medically not capable of making decisions. I know it isn't a sexy topic and I know that it seems a bit morbid to think about now but it is so very important. What happens to your kids? How will they be cared for? How will people access funds to take care of your children and their needs? Where are all your important documents? All of these things and more are so very important and we need to have a plan in place, especially as single moms. Today we talk with David Edey who wrote the book on helping executors know all the things they will need to know as well as what YOU need to know to help them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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