Sneak Peek: Q & A w/ Tony Robbins During Last Year’s Free Breakthrough Challenge
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This year, Tony is doing his third and final free challenge online: The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge. These challenges, created in 2020 when millions around the world were stuck at home, have made Tony’s work accessible to more than 1 million people, changing lives around the world. By spending just a few hours a day for a week with Tony, we have seen people shed weight, create passionate relationships and take their businesses to the next level.  In this episode, we share some of the most impactful audience questions and Tony’s answers from last year’s challenge that shifted the way our participants’ viewed the world and their lives, creating breakthroughs immediately for both them and the entire audience. Listen or watch below to the full conversation. EPISODE NOTES [0:11] The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge [1:40] How do I let go of the things that I cannot control and react with a positive mindset? [2:02] The Idea of control is an illusion. What is real is influence. [3:04] Expectations lead to suffering [3:35] Focus, physiology and language [4:50] Focus on what you can control [7:28] How do I find a purpose that will pay me? [9:35] The difference between soul and economics. [13:03] Work hard, keep improving yourself and your gifts will make room for you. [15:50] How long does the celebration of reaching a goal last for you? [16:45] Goal is not to achieve your goal, the goal is for you to grow. [16:57] Progress=happiness [17:41] The biggest mistake in people’s businesses. [18:40] How do you stop self-sabotage [20:44] Masculine and feminine energy [21:44] Mature v. immature [23:08] How to change your conditioning [25:11] Cold plunge example [27:15] The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge  
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