SEE THE WORLD THROUGH A STORY! The Wisdom of Dr. Jordan Peterson
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DR. JORDAN B. PETERSON is a renowned psychologist, globally acclaimed author, podcaster, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, and one the most influential contemporary voices in our world today. For twenty years, Peterson has taught some of the most highly regarded courses at Harvard and Toronto, as well as authored books that have changed international discourse -- including "Maps of Meaning” and the bestsellers "12 Rules for Life” and "Beyond Order”. With a magnetic and brutally honest speaking style, and a fiercely devoted following, Peterson continues to leave his mark on the culture at large. In April of 2023, Tony & Sage Robbins hosted an intimate gathering at their home for their Platinum Lions members.  The event featured an elite roster of speakers who delved into the pressing issues of our time: Foreign relations, how AI will reshape global order, the new economy in a post-pandemic world, the impact of Chat GPT, international politics, and cultural revolutions. Closing the special event was this extraordinary lecture from Dr. Jordan Peterson. In this provocative presentation, Peterson explores the profound question of why we -- as individuals -- hold the beliefs we do, while teaching us how to intricately weave the concept of storytelling into our narrative. He also embarks on a discovery to uncover order amidst chaos, as well as touches on the importance of overcoming external predators by confronting them head-on. Courtesy of Tony and Sage Robbins, prepare to be enlightened by the singular Dr. Jordan Peterson. Please enjoy! Watch the discussion here. EPISODE NOTES: [00:23]  Tony Intro [01:25]   See the world through a story [03:06]   Consequences of a non-productive story [03:46]   The debate leading us to chaos [05:40]   Being the biggest devil in hell, doesn’t mean you’ve won the game [06:36]   Why strategies based on power are not advisable  [09:01]   Adventure story: the myth of the hero [10:45]   Examples of the hero story [12:08]   Overcome external predators [14:55]  The oldest written story we know [16:04]   Christianity, the crucifixion, and chaos [18:35]   Confront problems before they make themselves known [22:46]   The catastrophe of a vulnerable existence [23:26]   Things worse than death [25:37]   Become your best by facing the worst [26:33]  Why you must confront chaos [27:31]   Question from Audience Member:  How do we protect our children from outside negative influences? [32:10]   Question from Audience Member: In your book you say “tell the truth, or at least don’t tell a lie.”  What do you mean by that? [39:31]   Question from Mary B:  How do we navigate overwhelming obstacles and confront unmanageable chaos when dealing with the unknown? [45:32]  Question from Audience Member: With all the chaos in the world, how do we choose which cause to fight for? [54:34]  Tony and Sage sign off
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