Get Unstuck! Master Your Mindset to Achieve Well-Being
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Welcome to The Tony Robbins Podcast. It's a universal truth that no one escapes this life without experiencing moments of pain and stress. While we all face our own unique challenges, there are certain keys that we can ALL use to maintain a state of mental wellness. In this intimate and at-home conversation, Tony Robbins, alongside his wife Sage Robbins and podcast host, Mary B., delve into a critical topic that touches us all: Mental Health. Together, they explore the many ways we can maintain emotional fitness and swiftly navigate out of that "stuck state”. They also uncover specific mindset practices that we can all use in those moments we feel hopeless and overwhelmed. In addition, the three explore the fascinating connection between our physiology and emotions. Our hope is that this family conversation offers you valuable insights and inspiration to help guide you to a state of clarity and wellbeing . Please enjoy! Watch the discussion here. EPISODE NOTES  [00:40] Intro by Sage Robbins - What do you do when you feel stuck? [02:57] Clarity, flexibility and well-being [04:00] Emotional fitness vs. emotional intelligence [05:08] “Nobody escapes this world without extreme stress at times.” -Tony Robbins [05:56] How we deal with feeling stuck [07:27] Mary B. asks Tony about the term "Internal Representations” and its current significance [08:47] Same event, different experience [10:24] How the body controls emotions [12:18] Sage and Tony on their relationship's evolution [17:59] A breakup caused by negative stacking [19:02] Stack the good / change your physiology! [22:32] Watch your language patterns [24:18] When Mary gets stuck [26:54] Dinner for GOATs [29:11] Sage on getting unstuck [31:44] Byron Katie’s Four Questions [34:03] Pain, loss, death, disappointment [34:24] Out of pain comes drive [35:10] Tony on global solutions to pain and suffering [36:40] Suicide / Lonliness / Where to start if you’re feeling on edge [39:06] “Vision is division” for the United States right now [39:58] Creating meaningful futures, preventing suicide and fostering compassion [41:41] Man’s Search For Meaning [42:44] Sage on the intent of these conversations [43:32] The Rabbit Listened, the power of silent presence [44:46] Transformative power of love and presence [46:10] This place called home [47:03] Nurturing the essence of home, creating an environment of love [47:39] What works for you? / Tony Robbins signs off [49:53] Segment Two: Exploring the power of a single thought [51:12] Navigating the labyrinth of thoughts [53:00] Tune-in, the power of mindful attention [54:00] Focus = Feelings [55:42] Thoughts as energy, embracing their transience [57:30] Waves of the human mind [59:22] Sage on the importance of getting out in nature [01:02:26] Mary on getting stuck stupid [01:04:54] Something is coming up to the surface to be healed, stay with it [01:14:00] Sage on surrendering control [01:16:33] "Let your problems bring you closer to God" 01:18:54 Looking back on painful moments to find "life happening" [01:21:50] Sign off ("We're on the same team.")
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