The Happiness Formula: Retrain Your Brain to Be Happy with Mo Gawdat
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Is happiness a choice?  And if so, can it be engineered?  Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer of Google X and founder of One Billion Happy, believes this is true.  In fact, he's used his three decades of success in the tech industry to engineer his very own "happiness algorithm" to help all of us achieve this mind frame. Gawdat began his mission to conquer happiness after experiencing the ultimate tragedy.  In 2014, Mo suddenly lost his beloved son, Ali, which thrust him into depression and an existential reckoning with life's fragility. Rather than succumbing to this ultimate despair, Gawdat turned his grief into a catalyst for transformation. He soon embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, driven by a newfound mission to spread happiness and well-being to the world. Drawing from his personal experience and extensive research, Mo has authored the international bestseller "Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy” and continues to champion his message of happiness to millions worldwide. Via his writing, speaking engagements, and podcast, Gawdat offers practical tools and strategies for finding joy in the face of adversity. Mo's commitment to spreading happiness has touched millions of lives.  He continues to inspire people from all walks of life to embrace happiness as a fundamental choice, as well as empower them to engineer their own paths to fulfillment. Tony and Sage Robbins are excited to share this special presentation from a 2022 private event with their Platinum Partners in Mexico. Let Mo Gawdat’s poignant insights help you create your own happiness journey today! To watch this episode, click here: Show Notes:  [00:15] Sage Robbins Intro [00:55] The luckiest man you’ll ever meet [03:00] An ultimatum leads to a new path [04:05] How the birth of Ali gave Mo purpose [05:31] “The more life gave me, the more unhappy I became” [08:22] An engineering approach to creating happiness [10:45] Mo details the  tragic passing of his son [11:45] Be everywhere and part of everyone [14:03] Create happiness by making others happy [15:09] The wisdom of Supertramp [21:10] Happiness is the absence of unhappiness [22:30] Mo’s algorithm [23:45] Happiness is not a result of the events of your life [27:45] “Happiness is a choice” [28:43] The Happiness Equation [32:45] The problem with dopamine [35:45] Unhappiness is a survival mechanism [39:18] Matthieu Ricard: The world’s happiest man? [46:00] Accept the things you cannot change [49:05] MIT Study [51:00] Accept that pain never goes away [53:56] Question #1 from audience: “How long did it take you to train your brain? [01:00:19] Question #2 from audience: How can I use meditation to get to the happiness state? [01:04:48] Question #3 from audience: How can I help someone else be happy? [01:07:56] Question #4 from audience: How Can I find happiness when I’m constantly focusing on what could go wrong? [01:14:47] Question #5 from audience: How can I best utilize your teachings with my children? [01:21:00] Sign off  
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