7. Top 5 Reasons We Love Southwest For Family Travel Hacking
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There are a lot of mixed feelings about Southwest and the Airline overall in 2023. But when it comes to family travel, you just can't beat Southwest, especially when you factor in the Southwest companion pass!  But wait! It gets even better. In this episode, we will share our Top 5 Reasons We Love Southwest For Family Travel Hacking! The perks of flying Southwest Airlines can be hard to fit into just one episode, but it can’t be overstated enough that The Southwest Companion Pass is hands down one of the best deals in travel.  This one hack alone can save any family hundreds to thousands of dollars annually in travel costs. This pass allows us to fly a guest for free with every single flight we take on Southwest. That means your spouse, a friend, a relative or anyone you choose can tag along for FREE!  We know it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. Earning the Companion Pass is actually pretty easy - all we had to do was earn 135,000 points in one calendar year. And let us tell you, it's not as daunting as it sounds. After this episode, you’ll see just how fast you can make it happen! The flexibility, convenience and savings don't stop there. Southwest also has a great cancellation policy. and if the price goes down, you can easily change your tickets and get the points redeposited into your account. Plus, you can cancel up to 10 minutes before the flight takes off and get a full refund or flight credit, which takes the stress out of traveling if things can come up unexpectedly with your busy family. That’s just scratching the surface! Hit play to hear more about why we love Southwest, how to find the cheapest flights, how we travel with food for the whole family, the exact steps Jess is taking to unlock her Companion pass this year, and so much more!  So, where are you heading next? We hope you take advantage of these amazing perks from Southwest Airlines! To learn more about how to get started, check out the links below!   More Of What’s Inside: How Southwest Airlines is a game-changer when it comes to booking flights, with their unbeatable cancellation policy. How to get the best deals of the year by booking flights  How refund points work for Southwest A feature that's hard to come by in other airlines We speculate and book flights in advance and get more points How many times Alex has used her companion pass Where the Chase credit card rules come into play Why we think the best Travel Hacking Starter Kit comes from Southwest And much more!   Links For This Episode:  How to Get the Southwest Companion Pass: How to Get the Southwest Companion Pass 2023 - Travel Hacking Mom All About the Southwest Airlines Credit Cards: All About the Southwest Airlines Credit Cards - Travel Hacking Mom   Links:  Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Travel Hacking Journey: Free Webinar: How to Start Traveling for Nearly Free Best Current Credit Card Offers: Best Rewards Card Offers | Travel Hacking Mom Award Travel Academy: Award Travel Academy Our Website: https://travelhackingmom.com Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: https://travelhackingmom.com/newsletter Instagram: Alex + Pam + Jess | Points & Miles (@travelhackingmom) TikTok: travelhackingmom's Creator Profile Facebook group: Travel Hacking Mom Group | Facebook   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:04 What to expect from today’s show 1:15 Everything you need to know about the Southwest Companion pass 2:55 Why it’s so easy to accumulate points 4:06 How Jess is getting her companion pass in real-time 6:22 Where Jess plans to travel in 2023 7:32 How to add different people as your companion  8:36 Our thoughts about the Southwest boarding procedure  14:05 An easy way to get in the A 1-15 boarding class  16:30 Flight change and cancellation perks 20:33 A huge Southwest Perk for parents 22:19 Big family Momma: This will save you tons on checking luggage 25:58 Why you get so much bang for your buck with Southwest Points
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