9. The #1 App For Travel Hacking: Get Organized & Maximize Rewards with Travel Freely and Zac Hood
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If you want to enjoy the life of nearly free travel, but are overwhelmed by the idea of keeping track of credit cards, then this episode is for you! And hey, even if you already have a spreadsheet and a card routine, this conversation can still take your points/miles earning to the next level! Welcome back to The Travel Hacking Mom Show! In this episode, we're talking to a professional credit card organization and Travel Hacking extraordinaire, Zac Hood, the founder of Travel Freely. We're all familiar with the struggle of keeping track of multiple credit cards, their rewards, expiration dates and security. That's why we were so excited to chat with Zac about his solution to the problem - Travel Freely. If you’ve listened to past episodes, you already know that this app is one of our #1 tips for all Travel Hackers in 2023, by the end of the show, you’ll understand why! Travel Freely combines a user-friendly interface with top-notch security features, making it the perfect tool for managing your credit cards. With Travel Freely, you can store all your credit card information in one place, set reminders for annual fees, track rewards, and even see what cards are available to you with the biggest travel earning potential. The best part? It’s 100% free and you don’t have to give them any sensitive information! Plus, the app's reminders when annual fees are coming up can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Hit play to hear How Zac got the idea for the app, and his great insights on credit card organization and the benefits of using Travel Freely. Give it a try and simplify your credit card management today! Check out the links below or download now: >>Travel Freely | Free Travel App More Of What’s Inside: How Zac fell in love with Travel Hacking  When Zac got the idea for Travel Freely Zac’s first trip to France and his proposal story  Alex and Jess’ top reasons they recommend the app The downsides of online using a spreadsheet to keep track How this app helps beginners and pros alike  One feature that can help you find the best deals in the game And much more! Links:  Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Travel Hacking Journey: Free Webinar: How to Start Traveling for Nearly Free Best Current Credit Card Offers: Best Rewards Card Offers | Travel Hacking Mom Award Travel Academy: Award Travel Academy Our Website: https://travelhackingmom.com Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: https://travelhackingmom.com/newsletter Instagram: Alex + Pam + Jess | Points & Miles (@travelhackingmom) TikTok: travelhackingmom's Creator Profile Facebook group: Travel Hacking Mom Group | Facebook Links For This Episode:  Download the Travel Freely App: Travel Freely | Free Travel App Episode Minute By Minute: 0:59 Get to know Zac! 3:55 From Dave Ramsey to Travel Hacking 6:52 Why Zac developed Travel Freely  9:39 Why Zac keeps the app 100% free 12:16 Our favorite feature on Travel Freely 16:28 How this app can save you hours in research 19:16 Why Alex now never misses her annual fees
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