18. How Pam Hacked Her Way to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand on Points and Miles
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If you're a travel enthusiast or looking to go on a trip soon, then you're going to love hearing about Pam's recent trip to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand! Pam, along with her husband, managed to take this incredible trip for a fraction of the cost, all thanks to travel hacking. They used points and miles to book their flights and hotels, saving them tens of thousands of dollars. Pam gives us the inside scoop on how she booked her flights through ANA, and shares some tips and tricks for finding award redemptions.  All in all, Pam's trip was a huge success, and she and her husband had an amazing time exploring these three incredible destinations. If you're looking to travel hack your way to a dream trip, then you won't want to miss this episode. Tune in to hear all about Pam's adventure, and get some tips on how you can do it too. In this episode, not only will you hear about Pam's amazing trip to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand on points and miles, but you'll also get to learn about her rookie travel hacking mistakes and how she overcame them. Plus, hear her favorite places and stays during her trip!  If you are ready to hack your way to Tokyo, Australia, or New Zealand, be sure to check out the Travel Hacking Mom resources like their Transfer Partner Cheat and blog posts for each destination. Start planning your next dream trip now and make it more affordable with travel hacking by following the links below!  *In this episode, Pam mentions a hotels.com 10th night free benefit. Since recording, hotels.com has overhauled their rewards program, and that benefit is no longer available.   Links:  Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Travel Hacking Journey: Free Webinar: How to Start Traveling for Nearly Free Best Current Credit Card Offers: Best Rewards Card Offers | Travel Hacking Mom Award Travel Academy: Award Travel Academy Our Website: https://travelhackingmom.com Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: https://travelhackingmom.com/newsletter Instagram: Alex + Pam + Jess | Points & Miles (@travelhackingmom) TikTok: travelhackingmom's Creator Profile Facebook group: Travel Hacking Mom Group | Facebook Links For This Episode:  Transfer Partner Cheat Sheet: travelhackingmom.ck.page/cheatsheet Kimpton Hotels Blog Post: Kimpton Hotels Are My Favorite IHG Brand - Travel Hacking Mom Tokyo on Points and Miles: Points and Miles to Tokyo - Travel Hacking Mom Australia on Points and Miles: Points and Miles to Sydney, Australia - Travel Hacking Mom New Zealand on Points and Miles: Using Points and Miles for New Zealand - Travel Hacking Mom Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Pam's recent trip to three countries 0:42 A good breakdown of how the flights to Japan work  3:45 How Pam and Jess booked their trip to Japan 9:02 What the Tokyo hotels were like and how Pam got them 13:19 The best and most unlikely entertainment  16:24 Our tour around Sydney 19:43 The full Four Seasons review  24:37 Pam’s party continues in New Zealand 32:03 Pam talks about her rookie travel hacking mistake in Queenstown and other hotels 38:44 Favorite Hotels at each location and the overall value of this trip on points
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