TVS – Reflections and a Pause
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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I just got back from a wonderful trip to Japan and Taiwan, extremely jetlagged, as it’s 5am currently in New York. Alas, as this podcast episode name sounds, I am putting the podcast on an indefinite pause due to a combination of work, learning, and side projects (crypto & blockchain) that I am working. Looking back on this incredible journey, I can’t believe the amount of episodes and reach that my podcast has had. That feeling of impact, of creating something from scratch is something that I have felt in love with, something that I want to replicate in my career, which has opened up my eyes to entrepreneurship. This is definitely not the end, but the closing of a chapter and I hope that you all stay tuned with what I am working on next! Please continue to e-mail me and keep me updated on your success and journey! With love, Alan
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