iPhones Are Undeleting Nudes?? - WAN Show May 17, 2024
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Visit https://www.squarespace.com/WAN and use offer code WAN for 10% off Improve your website’s SEO performance FOR FREE with Ahref’s Webmaster Tools. Check it out at https://ahrefs.com/awt Download the free Magical extension and save some precious time during your day to day grind at https://getmagical.com/WANshow Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 0:39 Intro 1:30 Topic #1 - iOS 175 bug recovers deleted photos 2:30 This isn't limited to Apple, Backblaze, cloud backup 4:02 Are these photos synced? Linus & Luke on encryption 9:33 Linus on NAND flash, Luke on deleting files, Vision Pro 13:02 Luke on whether this is a one-off, CEO's all-chrome PC build 16:31 Topic #2 - Microsoft's Prodeus, a modular controller 17:16 3D printable joystick parts, childish Luke & Dan 19:24 Luke on the controller's potential 22:06 LTTStore's new dip dye hoodie 25:26 Topic #3 - "Personalizable AI" for simulated dates through bots 27:18 How would this impact future dates? ft. "Settling down" 28:34 Linus on Tinder, Luke on dating apps, school connections 32:48 Yvonne joins, if Linus is gone, how would she meet people? 33:58 What would Linus do if Yvonne's gone? 35:02 What would Luke do? Luke on how to know it's the right one 36:22 Luke on not sitting next to a girl on a bus, finding people 38:25 Dating friends of friends, Luke on planning, E&A service 41:46 Linus's sister analogy on dating when in your 30's 43:17 Meeting someone through what you do, looking at the gym 45:36 Yvonne on whether girls looking would bother men 46:10 Dating at work, Yvonne's & Linus's relationship 50:42 Sponsor - Squarespace 51:36 Sponsor - Ahrefs 52:25 Sponsor - Magical 53:42 Merch Messages #1 53:48 Why'd LTT go for Shopify over WooCommerce? 55:02 What you'd change or features you’d add to an LTTStore product? 56:00 Is this MIPS assembly a useful code language? 57:05 Topic #4 - Microsoft to add Game Pass ad to Windows 11 58:31 FP user gets images of ex after update, bug's implications 1:02:25 Topic #5 - Google's Gemini search engine, search tab is hidden 1:03:31 Gemini AI updates, Project Astra, Linus will wait 1:04:31 Google writes $Ms to government for no jury 1:06:38 Topic #6 - Wayfinder changes genre, negative reviews ensue 1:07:57 $150 pack, shift "gaurantee's game is around forever" 1:09:01 Cyberpunk hits 95% positive reviews, Linus on praises 1:13:04 Luke on how Wayfinder's move is good, discusses Ubisoft 1:14:40 Topic #7 - NYPD tests Evolv's AI gun scanners in a subway 1:16:36 Topic #8 - ASUS apologizes over “confusion” with RMA quotes 1:19:08 Linus on ASUS's customer service, recalls conversations 1:22:02 Luke on riding the false bans train during ban waves 1:24:01 Topic #9 - Marvel Rivals apols after banning content creators 1:24:58 Luke on the contract being a mistake 1:27:12 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark is automated 1:27:31 AMD's Strix Point APU leaks ft. Accidental outro, "I'm a computer!" 1:29:17 How do you feel about no-crew flights? 1:30:38 Would Shield 2 happen now that Switch 2 is announced? 1:31:08 Any FOSS projects Luke wants to draw attention towards? 1:33:19 What do you tell your barber? 1:34:26 Company is bought, how would you deal with this change? 1:36:06 Arrival fallacy, how does Linus feel after his success? 1:40:06 Suggestions to get tech dad to watch tech shows together? 1:41:08 Thoughts on CRA coming after tenants not paying foreign taxes? 1:43:11 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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