How to Make a Change
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Have you ever seen someone staring back in the mirror that you didn’t like?  We all experience “mirror moments” -- where we see ourselves and the paths we’re headed down clearly. In these moments, we can decide to continue the course or make a change. Sometimes we are seeking big changes -- like choosing to pursue a completely new career or end a relationship. Sometimes we’re vying for simpler -- like just choosing to meditate for five minutes a day or get dressed in the mornings. No matter how big or small the change you want to make is, it can be tough to get yourself to the breaking point -- where you actually commit… fully.  So, today, we called on the decorated, plant-powered endurance athlete Rich Roll for some inspiration. He shares with us some of his most intense transformational moments -- from when he first decided to get sober to when he began running endurance races. His repeated transformation proves that you are never too old or too late to change. And that there is always another level to the change you can make. Thomas Dajer, also known as Tommy, TD, and Yes Theory’s lead editor shares his story of personal transformation as well -- from dropping out of college to now starting to host episodes on the Yes Theory channel.  And Ryan Holiday, author of so many of the Yes Theory team’s favorite books, stops by to talk about the pitfalls of ego -- the force that often gets in the way of trying to make a significant change. He colors in the full picture, and shows us that often the battle of seeking change is much more internal than external.  This week, Yes Theory is brought to you by: Green Chef - Use code "YesTheory80" to get $80 off your first month at The World As We Know It - Available now, wherever you get your podcasts. Talk Space - To get $100 off your first month at use promo code "YES THEORY" at checkout. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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