EP 8 - Renos vs Birkins (Money Mindset + Home Renovations)
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Owning a home is definitely one of the biggest tests of adulthood, and the mad thing is the hits just keep on coming once you're on the property ladder. From the cost of a loft conversion (spoiler, it makes the cost of an Hermes Birkin look tame) to unexpected (but essential) building work the bills just keep on coming. This episode covers everything from the mindset behind WHY someone would choose to put themselves through the actual torture that is renovating your home, how it can really test your relationship, and how trying to save money can actually cost you money. Follow @TSDQ Podcast on Instagram and @suziebonaldi for more updates. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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Published 10/10/22
Published 10/10/22
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