This Week In Voice (Season 8, Episode 3)
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This Week In Voice Season 8, Episode 3 Guests: Maaike Coppens (VP of Design, OpenDialog AI), Amit Ben (CEO, One AI), Greg Whiteside (CEO, HumanFirst), Jay Ruparel (CEO, VoicePlug AI), Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (Speech Accessibility Project, UIUC) Stories for discussion: 1) Google Shows Off New Text-To-Music AI Composer MusicLM ( 2) Some Insist That Generative AI ChatGPT Is A Mirror Into The Soul Of Humanity, Vexing AI Ethics and AI Law (Forbes) 3) Come See What The "Hey Disney!" Amazon Alexa Device Can Do (
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This Week In Voice Season 8, Episode 10 Guests: Chris Pidcock (CereProc), Rob Carpenter (Valyant AI), Rob Lubow (Botcopy), Jesse Shemen (Papercup) Stories for discussion: 1) ChatGPT bug leaked users' conversation histories (BBC) 2) The Genie...
Published 03/23/23
This Week In Voice Season 8, Episode 9 Guests: Rana Gujral (Behavioral Signals), Amy Brown (Authenticx), Amir Tsrouya (TalkSense), Lauren Koretzki (Wysa) Stories for discussion: 1a) What's New With GPT-4: From Processing Pictures To Acing Tests (The Verge)...
Published 03/17/23
Published 03/17/23