374 Burning Man Drama
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Burning Man Drama!      Join me on a transformative journey into the extraordinary world of Burning Man! In this episode, I'll share my personal experiences, from the magical moments of communal bathing and body positivity to the unexpected storm that challenged our resilience. Discover the meaning behind my Burning Man name 'Radiant' and how this incredible event helped me battle depression.      Plus, I'll share a unique behind-the-scenes tidbit – Ashna was actually making bread during the podcast recording! Hooray for humanity! We're dropping new episodes every Thursday-ish!   Connect:  Be part of the Rhodesies team and get goodies: https://patreon.com/tomrhodessmartcamp More Tom  https://www.instagram.com/_TomRhodes/   More Ashna https://www.instagram.com/ashnarodjan/     Watch: YouTube https://www.youtube.com/kingofhaha     ----- Video version ----------- If you'd like to watch the video version of the episode on YouTube.com/kingofhaha, please do us a favor by subscribing to the audio podcast on Spotify / Apple, etc. first! The podcast is a labor of love, and your subscription and downloads, or direct support on Patreon.com/tomrhodessmartcamp, provide us with the incentive to pull together and record on a weekly basis beyond our busy schedules.    ----- About the Podcast ------ Tom Rhodes Smart Camp is a festival of ideas, knowledge, stories, books & adventures. We share a joke premise weekly, along with stories or what's on our radar, the book of the week, the movie/doc of the week, song of the week, and Good News. I have been a comedian for more than 39 years. I travel the world doing comedy. I almost drowned in Thailand, got maced in Paris and had my own sitcom on Comedy Central and Late Night Talkshow in the Netherlands. Whenever I can I will share my adventures with you on this podcast. Ashna, Dutch artist, photographer, and my ex-wife, isn't just my best friend; she's an essential part of the Rhodesies production team. We've traveled the world together for 8 years. With her background in cognitive psychology and her passion for philosophy and all things art, Ashna enriches our conversations, all while bringing a unique European perspective.
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Hooray for humanity! We're dropping new episodes every Thursday-ish.   Connect! Be part of the Rhodesies team and get goodies: https://patreon.com/tomrhodessmartcamp More Tom  https://www.instagram.com/_TomRhodes More Ashna https://www.instagram.com/ashnarodjan More Orion...
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