Tori Clarke: Embracing the Journey: Discovering and Thriving with Autism in Adulthood
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What if you discovered you were autistic in your 40s?  How would it change your life?  Join us as we welcome artist and poet Tori Clarke to share her inspiring story of self-discovery and self-acceptance after being diagnosed with autism. Tori opens up about the emotional rollercoaster she's faced, the cost of masking autism, and how she's learned to embrace her unique journey. In this heartfelt conversation, Tori and I explore the challenges of living with autism and the need for greater understanding and acceptance from society. We discuss the specific issues autistic people face like clothing labels, meal times, and changes in routines and how these can have a drastic effect on their everyday lives.  Tune in to this episode for an encouraging and enlightening discussion on how we can all work together to create a more inclusive world for everyone, including those on the autism spectrum. intro/outro music bed written by T. Wild Why Not Me the World music published by Mantor Music (BMI)
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