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After several hi-octane podcasts celebrating the magic of the Merlin-powered Avro Lancaster, and the roar of the mighty Eurofighter Typhoon, we’re back with, not so much a bang, but definitely not a whimper either, in fact more of a whoosh. This week the TLG team goes gliding. None of us knew quite what to expect ahead of our gliding debuts, but, as you’ll hear in our Full Flaps episode, we loved it! We hope this episode will open your eyes, as it did ours, to the glory of gliding, and the thrills it brings. It’s about far more than just genteelly floating through the air enjoying the view, although if that’s what you want it is one of life’s great airborne experiences. But it provides drama and excitement too, and as we discovered courtesy of our exuberant and generous hosts at Trent Valley Gliding Club at Kirton-in-Lindsey (, there are things you can do in a glider you might never have thought possible. There’s all the usual stuff in the magazine episode too of course: Roy talks us through his attempts at his first landing in a microlight; Ask James covers quite a wide range of topics, which thankfully as our aviation expert James manages to answer; and Jez’s Quick Facts on gliding are, a bit like a flight in a glider, potentially never-ending. The TLG Quiz is as fiercely contested as ever with some top notch whingeing from both Jez and James. Please do join us for our latest podcast and be catapulted into the glorious world of gliding.    
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