A Dispatch From Outside
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Ryan was in London so we did a little recording session out in a park last week. We wanted to talk about something other than Twitter and AI, but, let’s be real. That’s all we talked about. Also, perhaps most importantly, Luke finally watched all of Ted Lasso. And he’s real pissed. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit www.thecontentmines.com
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We thought we’d jump back on mic and talk through the weirdness of 2023, our first year since COVID that we didn’t put out a podcast every week. Luke thinks 2023 feels weird because millennials are no longer relevant. Ryan thinks 2023 feels weird because the internet has reverted back to what it...
Published 12/25/23
Published 12/25/23
We’re back with another outside episode. We sat on a park bench and talked about Threads, NPC streamers on TikTok, and AI. Ryan also got chased by a wasp and a dog came by to say hi. Then we went and watched some cricket. A perfect summer afternoon. We’ll be back in a few months, probably. Bye...
Published 07/28/23