5. The Capture
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After two and a half years on the run, Jonathan Dick is captured by his childhood mate David Cammarata. We hear first-hand how David and his co-worker detained Jono and how Jono’s closest friends from Wallan feel now he is no longer at large. For legal reasons episodes 1-4 are currently not available whilst the matter goes through the Victorian courts. The investigation continues to find out how Jono evaded capture for so long and lived In Plain Sight. 
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Published 08/26/19
36-year old David Dick is brutally murdered with a samurai sword. His elder brother Jono is the only suspect and disappears without trace for 18 months. Many think he’s dead until he strikes again. Can you help catch a fugitive?
Published 08/05/19
Jono allegedly tries to murder his best friend with a hammer but botches the attack and cops a beating in the process. He escapes and according to friends is living rough on the fringe of Melbourne.
Published 08/05/19