Egg Freezing Journey: Discussing Our Biological Clock and the Pressures of Having Children w/ Koko Zuberi
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Each of us are on our own unique life journey and for some of us we have yet to find the one to start a family with, so what do we do when  society is constantly reminding  us of our ticking biological clock and how do we approach the conversation of having kids when we are truly ready?  For the past year, I have been a bit anxious when I think about my future and having children of my own inshallah. This anxiety stemmed from realizing that marriage may not be written for me at this very moment and my age is definitely not waiting on me to find the one.  Like most, this is a very intimate conversation that I have been having within my circle of close girlfriends. Unfortunately, for some of us, we didn't learn much about fertility in our early 20s and fast forward to today, we are in our 30s and unsure of what next steps to take when it comes to the topic of having kids and what options we have in preserving our fertility.  We are all asking ourselves the question: should I be worried about my biological clock? Thankfully, there have been notable technological advances when it comes to reproductive health care but what does that mean for us? In today’s episode, I sit down with Koko Zuberi, she holds an impressive background in working with UN Women in the Partnerships and Outreach sector and someone who is graciously choosing to share her own personal experience with the egg freezing process.  In this conversation, we share our thoughts on the pressures women face to start a family, how we truly feel being in our 30s and being unmarried, and what motivated Koko to make the decision of freezing her eggs? We stress the importance of paying our doctors a visit to get checked, regardless if we are ready to have kids or not and how does one have this super serious conversation with our potential partners - especially when they may be oblivious to our biological clock. And of course we can't forget our parents and what this means for them as well. Having conversations like this is vital, while some of us may have a strong support group, there are many others out there who may not have someone to turn to when discussing topics such as fertility - and so I hope this discussion sheds light on this, quote on quote, taboo topic. I also want to stress the fact that Koko and I are not medical professionals, nor are we scholars. Please consult with your trusted doctors and Islamic advisors if you are seriously thinking about egg freezing.  Enjoy and follow the pod on Instagram: @unsweetenedandunfiltered Follow Koko Zuberi on Instagram: @heyitsmekoko
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