Case: Control: Ep 2 - Kylie
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As Cassie is extricating herself from Connor’s control, he moves on to a new victim, Kylie. The same pattern of coercion and violence resumes, which is only broken when Kylie reaches out to police and stops protecting her abuser. Kylie and Cassie then join forces to ensure that Connor’s hold is broken forever. Crime journalist Adam Shand investigates this harrowing story. See for privacy information.
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Investigative reporter Adam Shand goes inside the hunt for Sydney nurse Mary Wallace, missing since 1983. Detective Inspector Nicole Jones, with the help of a legendary investigator from the past, brought a killer to book but the search for Mary’s remains continues.  Episode 3. Justice for...
Published 07/07/21
Building a Case Jones re-examines mysterious letters to police from 1983/84 for clues. Did the killer hoax the police with a bogus burial site? Investigators comb new potential crime scenes and another murder investigation yields a breakthrough. Adam Shand investigates. See...
Published 07/07/21
Forensic evidence removes any doubt as to who killed Mary Wallace. A suspect Robert John Adams is convicted but, claiming his innocence, does not reveal the location of Mary’s body. Police are appealing for public assistance to bring her home. Adam Shand investigates. See
Published 07/07/21