Voodoo Medics: David and Mary McCarthy
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Signaller Sean McCarthy had thoroughly prepared for the worst before he was killed by a Taliban IED in Afghanistan, even organising a touching gift for friends back home in the event of his death. His parents David and Marty sit down with Kristin Shorten for a heartfelt chat about their son.
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The journalist behind The Daily Telegraph's Voodoo Medics investigation Kristin Shorten chats about the project and how it went from a discussion in a Bali bar, to becoming Australia's top news subscription series.
Published 11/19/18
The bullet that ricocheted into Rowan Robinson's throat and killed him missed his body armour by millimetres. Just hours earlier, the 23-year-old Special Forces engineer, who was on his second deployment to Afghanistan, had rung his parents Peter and Marie before the mission, like he always did....
Published 11/15/18
Corporal Tom Newkirk had an advantage while settling into life after 10 years in the military; his wife Kate who also deployed overseas as a medic, assisting tsunami-affected Indonesians in Sumatra. The medic couple forged a strong connection, helping each other adjust to life after the military.
Published 11/12/18