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In this episode, Ben, Amy, and Charles answer questions submitted by the Water Colors Aquarium Gallery staff! The questions submitted range wildly, from serious and introspective, to middle school "would-you-rathers."
Published 11/25/22
In this episode of the podcast, the Water Colors team discuss and debate what species of saltwater fishes our store should always have in stock and why. Addendum - Portions of the audio file for this episode were corrupted. The content of this discussion were deemed interesting enough that our...
Published 11/11/22
In this episode, the Water Colors team discusses why Eartheaters, the fishes in the Subtribe Geophagina, are perfect aquarium inhabitants for many fishkeepers. Addendums - The information used in this episode to define the Tribe Geophagini is outdated. Newer data has expanded the Tribe to...
Published 11/04/22