EP 127: What Should I Do? He’s a God-Fearing Man But Lacks Chivalry? | Dating A Man W/O A Father
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In this video, we answer a question from a listener and give wisdom and a word on what you should do if you are dating a God-Fearing man who lacks chivalry. We also provide some tips on dating a man who did not have a father figure. FREE ONLINE EVENT THIS WEDNESDAY at 8pm EST! Join us at the link below! https://www.justdatinguniversity.com/uydr-registration-2023 LAST DATING MIXER OF THE YEAR! IN THE BALTIMORE AREA 10/6 Men are you looking for godly women to meet and date? Come to our NEXT mixer on Friday 10/6/23 at 8pm EST! Get your tickets here! Get Tickets Here: https://www.showpass.com/1-to-1-christian-singles-mixer/ Download our Couple Questions to take your date conversations to the NEXT level! https://www.wearejustdating.com/resources || NEED HELP BUILDING A GODLY RELATIONSHIP? Join Just Dating University: JDU is a membership for Christians not yet married looking to date with boundaries, choose a suitable partner, and effectively prepare for a long lasting marriage. If you love our channel, you will REALLY love this community. For more info: https://justdatinguniversity.com || LET'S CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM: We post updates in real time of dating tips and relationship advice https://www.instagram.com/wearejustdating || M U S I C Music by Musician: Jeff Kaele || S U B S C R I B E https://youtube.com/channel/UCjb3LN4J... New Videos Every Tuesday! Email Updates: https://www.wearejustdating.com/subscribe || F O L L O W Website | www.wearejustdating.com Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/wearejustdating TikTok| https://www.tiktok.com/@wearejustdating Facebook | Just Dating Twitter | @WeAreJustDating *Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate. By clicking and or purchasing, We may receive monetary reward. It does not alter the price or change your buyer experience. || YOU’LL LOVE THESE VIDEOS TOO OUR DATING STORY! | https://youtu.be/xMti9zJHU9o How To Know If You're Settling | https://youtu.be/IVwZ3RP-Rdk?si=TrbApHTaqsZ_6MHV Should Christian's Kiss Before Marriage? | https://youtu.be/KWhbUzVqaI8?si=TfXO2Uum1NAd6pRE — T I M & P A U L I N E We are Tim & Pauline and we have been married since 2018. We have an education and coaching business where we teach single Christians how to choose partners that produce godly marriages through courses, coaching, and community. We’ve worked with people fresh out of college, to recently divorced, helping them get clarity and strategy that attracts their ideal partner. This channel walks you through the journey of being single, dating, and the early stages of marriage, by sharing information on how to attract, maintain, and grow in a godly relationship of your own!
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