Mastercard, President & CTO Ed McLaughlin: Emerging Technologies in Payments
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Kailee Costello hosts Ed McLaughlin, the President & Chief Technology Officer of Mastercard Tune in to hear about: - Evolution of payment systems: Mastercard's journey into the digital era - Adapting to the digital payment landscape: Mastercard's evolution and innovations - Navigating quantum computing: securing payment systems and anticipating future challenges - Quantum computing's potential in fraud detection and loyalty enhancement - Mastercard's AI-powered fraud detection and prevention strategy - The frontier of Generative AI technology - Mastercard's role in global economies: ensuring resilience, security, and innovation - Fostering fintech innovation: Mastercard's collaborative approach - Shaping the future of payments: Mastercard's vision and innovations - Consumer-facing interface of blockchain and stablecoin - Harnessing technology for financial inclusion For more FinTech insights from Wharton Fintech, follow us on: WFT Medium: WFT Twitter: WFT Instagram: Kailee’s Twitter: @KaileeCostello_ Kailee’s LinkedIn:
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