How Do I Secure My Financial Future?
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On this week’s Loose Change, Berna is back with Sallie Krawcheck to continue their conversation from earlier this week on financial wellness and our personal role in it. Sallie starts off by sharing her own personal journey in finances and how she made it from South Carolina all the way to Wall Street. They also discuss the state of the financial education world, and how to navigate it to make sure you find the right path for you in these confusing topics. Be sure to follow us @whenshappyhr to send in your questions and let us know what you thought of our first season!
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This week, for our final episode of the season Berna joins us in reflecting on everything we’ve talked about this season and how it relates to our daily lives. She’s joined by Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, to discuss the wide topic of financial wellness, and how it applies to...
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