Living in the Moment
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In episode 49 Josh and Abbie talk about how she got her middle name, what there dreams were growing up and what brought Josh to tears during this move into their new home. Sometimes we have to just sit back and enjoy the process and live in the moment ,appreciating the small things. Blissy silk pillowcases are the best silk pillowcases on the market! They have a ton of different prints and colors and they make great gifts because there's an option for literally anyone (men love them too!). They have over 1.5 million raving fans and you could be next. Try now risk-free for 60 nights, at and get an additional 30% off.
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It's been fun! Wow can't believe we are wrapping season 1 of our podcast?!! That flew by! This has been so much fun for us sharing a little bit more of our lives on a different style of platform with you all. We hope some of these episodes brought some joy to your day! Please let us know in the...
Published 08/23/23
Published 08/23/23
In episode 48 Josh and Abbie discuss finally moving into their dream home. Abbie goes back to her dark hair color and Josh discusses possibly launching a new business venture with Abbie. Care/of is a subscription service that ships high-quality, personalized vitamins, supplements, and powders...
Published 08/09/23