Episode 014 - Shane LaBrake on Stewarding our Tools
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My guest today is Shane LaBrake, talking about our relationship with the tools we use and how that relates to sustainability and earth care. With the winter dormant season coming on, many of us have time to sharpen shovels, fix roofs, change fluids and do other maintenance and repair tasks that we felt too busy for in the summer. So in this episode we're playing hooky from plants and talking about tractors, small engines, and the philosophy of maintenance and loving care. You can reach Shane at [email protected] He's got some great videos on Tractor Maintenance on YouTube, produced by ATTRA. Here's a link to the first one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhVIewAsqi8 Music this episode is by Horse Graveyard. Check us out on Bandcamp. This episode is brought to you by Wild Ridge Plants.
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