Ep 46: Dr Andrew Field, Opium & Jazz
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Dr Andrew Field knows the high times of 20th century Shanghai better than anyone we've met before. He's written extensively about this cultural melting pot at its peaks, and opened the den door on opium and jazz in the 30s, sexual authors from t...
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我们的阅读耐心去哪儿了? 你是一个有耐心的读者吗?你是否有这样的体验,不愿意看超过140(微博等文字数上限)个字数的文字,或者阅读长篇文章时,你会整段整段地略过,或只看看最后的几句话?不论你是否意识到了这些,不可否认的是,我们正在慢慢失去阅读的耐心。 ...
Published 05/05/16
Published 05/05/16
Christopher Makos was once described by Andy Warhol as "the most modern photographer in America" and is the man who introduced Warhol to his first camera. Makos has a knack for taking photos of cultural icons when they're at their peak,...
Published 05/05/16